Saturday, November 3, 2007

What have we come to?????

I wake up each day and wonder what to do,
Knowing I am here without you.
How we loved and cared for each other,
It doesn't seem right now that we just can't bear each other.
We were stuck like a glue,
And now we are through.
How can this possibily be true?
Why oh why did I ever love you?
Why did you wipe my tears,
And caress me and banish my fears?
Whenever I was depressed or sad,
Why oh why did you ever make me glad?
sometimes I loke back and think,
How could our love life stink?
But now I know that it was too good to be true,
I knew I could expect this from you.
You tore my heart and shattered my dreams,
When I think of what you have done ,
I go crazy and scream.
You think there is no thing I can do,
What da heck, to hell with you!!
You were garbage from the start,
I don't give a damn now thwt we've part.
Jalpari 1

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